Patience in the journey


It’s takes patience to reach your goals.

It’s something that I struggle with both as a writer and as someone on the road to Financial Independence.

This is especially true when you see your peers who seem to be light-years ahead of where you are in your journey.

Authors have an extremely long road to success–something that isn’t even guaranteed. We spend months writing a novel and, though that is arguably the hardest part, the journey doesn’t end there. Next comes days or weeks of editing and filling plot holes, then we send our story off to an editor and then have to edit again.

For independent publishers like me, we then have to format it for publication (eBook, print, and maybe audio) then upload the files to multiple sites along with a cover that we commissioned from a designer which went through its own back and forth process.

Finally, the book is released and available for purchase. Yay! But, we have yet to earn a single cent. Now, we have to market the book and hope that we receive some return on our investment.

Why do we do this? Well, besides being gluttons for punishment. Because we have a goal in mind.

For some, that goal is to become a best-selling author. For others, it is purely about the love of storytelling. For someone else, it’s a way to generate income for their family using a talent they believe they possess.

However, all three of those goals have one thing in common. They require patience.

Being a novelist is playing the long-game. There are very few over-night success stories. Even the famed six-figure authors we read about on Kboards and 50Booksto20K all had to put in years of work to get where they are.

By now you understand the parallel I’m trying to make. Financial Independence does not come the moment you buy your first shares of a Vanguard Index Fund. It’ll take years or even decades(!) to get there.

Patience calls to you in a still, small voice–coaxing you to listen and heed it’s wisdom.

There will be times when you see you are hundreds of thousands of dollars away from your financial goal and feel that you are running out of time. That’s when patience calls to you. That’s when you must listen.

All posts on this site are my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice. I have no financial background, but am just an author finding my way.

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  • Patience is certainly a difficult quality to cultivate! I can certainly relate to the notion you’re describing where it’s hard to keep your eye on a goal that is very far away – there’s always a battle between what’s best for present me vs future me.

    The one thing I’ve found that helps me is to focus on the “why” of the goal. If I look toward the underlying reason for why I’m doing something, that is almost always a natural motivator. Eg – “Why am I setting aside savings rather than buying a new tv? Because I’d like to be financially free someday.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for commenting, Alex.
      I think focusing on the “why” is excellent advice. The Why can be the motivation you need during the times when you wonder if your present efforts are making a difference.

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