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What am I doing this for…really?


What is the point of financial independence anyway? It’s a question that every one of us needs to answer independently of anyone else’s reasoning. It is as unique to you as the premise of your next novel. There are a thousand ways to tell the same story. I follow an account on Twitter called @WriterlyTweets in which they ask followers “In six words or fewer, write a story...

Patience in the journey


It’s takes patience to reach your goals. It’s something that I struggle with both as a writer and as someone on the road to Financial Independence. This is especially true when you see your peers who seem to be light-years ahead of where you are in your journey. Authors have an extremely long road to success–something that isn’t even guaranteed. We spend months writing a...

New Year, New Blog


Happy New Year, everybody! Welcome to the very first post on the Author FI Life blog. I figured that the new year would be a great time to kick off the new site. Things are pretty sparse around here right now, but that’s ok. The FI in Author FI Life stands for Financial Independence. A goal that I believe every working person should be trying to achieve. I’ll write more about this in...

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Welcome to the Author FI Life!

I am Will Brown, an author working towards financial independence. I hope this site serves as a means to encourage you to do the same.

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